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Visit for discounted prices on all engineered hardwood flooring in a variety of species including Oak, Hickory and Maple from top.
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They can measure moisture levels, decide which waterproofing substance to use and keep costs down by purchasing install materials at contractor rates. All this skill comes with a price. Keep in mind this may or may not include extras such as demo, or disposal. Most engineered floors are made of multi-ply construction. Manufacturers typically laminate sheets of plywood together to form a plank. Each layer is stacked on top of the other but crisscrossed in opposite directions.

Why engineered oak flooring is the best wooden flooring option for you in the year 12222?

Often called cross-ply construction , this method ensures that the plank is dimensionally stable. In addition, it counteracts the woods natural tendency to expand and contract with changes in the temperature or humidity level. So how many layers should you look for? Cores should be made of layers of real plywood, not OSB or fiberboard. These are the minimum requirements for a dimensionally stable and renewable engineered flooring product.

Remember to ask for proof that the product meets or exceeds air quality regulations. Last but not least, is the warranty terms.

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These days, most engineered floors come backed by a year or limited lifetime warranty. Look for guarantees that cover both construction and surface layer defects. Do your homework. Go online and research the company and the product. Order free samples. See what people are saying in the online forums. Look at the common complaints. There are plenty of reputable engineered wood suppliers and manufacturers.

Hurst Hardwoods are one of the few online retailers that offer both unfinished and prefinished engineered flooring. Hurst Hardwoods have a stellar reputation as one of the most trusted retailers in the business. The company is a family-owned business and a member of the National Wood Flooring Association. In addition to great pricing, the company offers fast, reliable shipping at reasonable rates.

Known as an expert in the wood flooring world, Mr. Hosking carries both engineered and solid hardwood. The site offers top quality products from big-name manufacturers as well as small independent mills. The company maintains an active social presence and regularly replies to questions or comments.

Looking for eco-friendly engineered wood? Check out the Tesoro Woods brand. What makes this company most interesting, is that it uses recycled wood from old building timber and industrial waste to construct high-quality engineered boards. The company offers both solid and engineered hardwood in various textures, tones, and sizes. Somerset offers some of the thickest engineered flooring in the business and backs their boards with a generous year warranty. Regal Hardwoods specializes in providing consumers with hand scraped engineered floors at affordable prices.

Based in Texas, the company carries eight lines of flooring, all engineered with solid birch cores. The American Backroads collection features weathered planks in floating and nail-down varieties. While the Walla Walla Valley line spotlights modern, artistic boards with high sheen finishes. This company has an excellent reputation and stands behind their flooring with lengthy finish and construction warranties. From The Forest is a small Wisconsin based manufacturer of American-made engineered hardwood.

They offer several lines of flooring, for both price-conscious and high-end shoppers. They provide detailed explanations of how to evaluate the tone, grade, and grain patterns of engineered floors. In addition to guidance, From the Forest also offers samples and discounts by email. The company sells a wide array of engineered wood in varying sizes, styles and design patterns. Hallmark products can be a bit pricey. However, their quality is second to none. Their Organic Series features thick ply construction, sawn-cut veneer, and a multi-layer oil finish that resists staining better than hard wax.

The company does not sell direct, so if you are looking to buy online, you may need to get creative. On top of solid hardwood products, the company offers a vast selection of engineered hardwood floors. In fact, the company carries more than 19 varieties of snap-together floors in several fashionable colors and finishes. In the market for a hand scraped finish? Harris has you covered. Take a look at their Contour line. Pricing is a bit of a mystery. Harris only sells through authorized retailers. Harris Wood is a long-time customer favorite.

You can find countless reviews attesting to their quality and service. Most homeowners and experts would advise against engineered flooring, citing inferior construction and durability. Oh, how the times have changed. Technology has caught up with the naysayers, and engineered floors are more attractive than ever. In contrast, engineered wood is comprised of several layers of plywood, and a thick veneer surface laminated and fused to form a plank. However, solid wood is the gold standard. Solid hardwood must be attached to a subfloor using a pneumatic nail gun.

Engineered wood can be glued, nailed or floated, even on concrete. Depending on the species, solid hardwood can withstand years of abuse without extensive surface damage. Most products come protected with resilient finishes for supreme scratch resistance. On the flip side, engineered products also have resilient coatings.

The main benefit to solid hardwood is its thickness. Over your floors lifetime, solid wood can be sanded and refinished a total of times without damaging the boards.

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In contrast, engineered hardwood lacks in the renewability department. Even the highest quality engineered floors will display signs of wear after the second refresh. On one end you can save money by installing an engineered floor by yourself. But that depends on your skill level and complexity of the job. On the back end, solid hardwood has a longer lifespan. Which means if you are staying in your home for the next 60 years, or hope to pass it to heirs; solid hardwood is the obvious choice.

As far as resale value, engineered wood rates the same as solid. Engineered hardwood can be an excellent choice for those that appreciate the value of wood flooring but crave the versatility of laminate or vinyl. While solid wood or bamboo connoisseurs may balk at the price tag, many renovators see this material as a smart long-term investment in their home. After all, when properly cared for these floors will last decades. Plus, engineered hardwood allows for multiple installation methods.

You can install it using glue, nails or even locking mechanisms, which gives you the freedom to explore a DIY solution. As an added benefit, engineered hardwood can go directly over concrete slabs. Unlike solid hardwood, engineered flooring is the perfect compromise for those wanting a combination of timelessness and versatility. We have a very large room two car garage turned family room that needs new flooring.

It currently has carpet and that was a mistake due to high traffic coming from the garage and an outside door. The room also connects to our kitchen that needs new flooring. Salesmen seem to be pushing LVT vinyl planking and a newer version which makes us suspicious. No matter where we went they did not even seem to want to talk about engineered or hardwood. High traffic and easy cleaning are priorities. Can you advise?


We are considering a complete kitchen remodel this summer. We just retired and intend on staying in the house for 30 plus years. Several neighbors have hardwood floors in their kitchens and say they have had no problem and like it. Yes, as long as you do not have major flooding, water line break or standing water on it for long time. The question is, is it just not a good idea to have Engineered Hardwood floors or Solid Hardwood floors in a kitchen area? The main living areas we intend to use some type of hardwood and would like the floor the match up.

What is your advice, please? I have Duchateau engineered wood floors and do not like them at all. Want to know can if I sand then and refinish them with a different top coat? We are preparing to have engineered Acacia flooring in the downstairs of our home. We will also be remodeling our staircase and are receiving conflicting info regarding using full hardwood treads versus engineered treads with a nosing.

How durable would the engineered solution be and what should we be careful of? That equals 4. I found 4mm with Vanier brand. Do you have any experience or reviews for Vanier? What is your opinion of Urban Floors?

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We are considering their Mountain Country in Birch Saddle. Thank you. Stay away from Urban Flooring. We are now replacing a 3 year old floor that is in bad shape already. They do not stand behind their products. We had the rep out to the house and he basically shrugged his shoulders. Hope this helps.

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We have Windsor Maple Sahara. Is it discontinued? We have other rooms we would like to extend it into. Looking for best replacement for Capella CR classic cherry Nat. Have 3 rooms to do. I think it is not made anymore? A very good presentation of facts and data. My number one recommendation is to get expert advice not just from a sales person and make sure you understand everything from product characteristics, preparation installation and maintenance. Poor base preparation can ruin the best of products, even if installed by experts!

Also, the new hybrid hardwood plank floors are becoming very popular in commercial markets with a 1. Yes, designed for high-use commercial applications in Hospitality and other markets but we are seeing these products transition into high-end residential applications at less than half the cost of solid hardwoods… worth a look. I had engineered floors installed 12 yrs ago. They are really good, and now I want to use the same flooring to replace carpet in 3 rooms.

The few boards 2 left from the initial installation are in the original box. Can you tell me if this product is still available and if so where? BR products are available from numerous locations in the US. Looking at Provenza engineered floor that has UV cured oil finish. Any feedback on this product? I am looking at the Provenza floor too. Did you purchase it or receive any valuable information? Any opinion about the Mirage brand of engineered flooring? Local merchants in our area in Middlesex County New Jersey say this is their top brand.

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Look no further! To make room for new inventory, Quality Red Tag Floors is clearing out a selection of our gorgeous wide plank engineered hardwoods. This stylishly textured flooring. Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Sale!!! Oak engineered hardwood flooring. Oak hardwood flooring Just shy of 3 boxes left over Engineered Hardwood Flooring.

Oak Charcoal 15 boxes covering sq. Call Preverco Sapele hardwood flooring 90 sq ft. We over-ordered for our house, and have no rooms left to do. This is a beautiful, hard, expensive and high-quality product.

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It is Hardwood Flooring. Armstrong Engineered Hardwood Flooring. Hand scraped hickory - approximately sq. Please Contact. New in the box, semi gloss Cherry Oak hardwood flooring. Quality, beautifully engineered and durable. Great for any home or business. Brushed Oak Engineered Hardwood Flooring. Canadian Solid Hardwood Flooring.